RDAP Research Reports

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  •  Iriga City, the Philippines: Coming up soon                                                                                               


  • Kedah State, Malaysia  (May, 2016) English

The following six development issues provided by the Kedah state were studied and the potential of the development for each of the issues was explained in light of the result of the studies.

  1. Hi-tech industry
  2. Agriculture
  3. Rubber city
  4. Halal industry
  5. Tourism/MICE
  6. Transport


  • Cebu Province, the Philippines (April, 2015) English


  • Kyrgyz Republic (November, 2012) English & Japanese
  • Mandaue City, the Philippines (November, 2012) English


  • Butuan City, the Philippines  (November, 2011) English

 This research found various untapped business opportunities in the City. The research's recommendations include:

  1. Establishment of Agricultural Cooporatives
  2. Utilization of Agricultural Waste and Second-Hand Equipments
  3. Inclusive Social Development through Waste-to-Energy Project
  4. Enhancement of Commercial Activities through Reorganization of Public Market and Bus Terminal
  5. Utilization of Tourism Resources (Gold Panning, Fruits Harvesting, Educational Tourism etc)

The research was conducted from September 4-11, 2011.
Click HERE to see how we conducted a research in Butuan City.

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