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  3. RDAP/PPP Applicability Study Follow Up in Cebu Province and Mandaue City, the Philippinesフィリピン国セブ州及びマンダウエ市におけるRDAP/PPP可能性調査フォローアップ

RDAP/PPP Applicability Study Follow Up in Cebu Province and Mandaue City, the Philippines フィリピン国セブ州及びマンダウエ市におけるRDAP/PPP可能性調査フォローアップ

>RDAP/PPP Applicability Study Follow Up in Cebu Province and Mandaue City, the Philippines

We visited Cebu Province and Mandaue City on March 12, 2018 to follow up RDAP/ PPP Applicability Study, which was conducted in 2015 (Cebu Province) and in 2012 (Maudaue City).

In Cebu Province, we discussed the on-going projects and its challenges with the Governor and several provincial staff. Regarding the transportation issues, a 3rd bridge between the airport (Mactan Island) and Cebu Island has been under construction and a 4th bridge is also planned to reduce the traffic. Once 4 bridges are constructed, the expansion of the 1st bridge is planned. In addition, Cebu Province received the permission from NEDA (The National Economic and Development Authority) to introduce MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) system.

In order to respond to the garbage problem, Cebu Province will make another landfill site as a PPP project. We suggested in creating power generation from the waste along with the PPP project, because Cebu Province has a huge population. The Cebu Governor replied that they will first conduct a solid waste management project then move toward the power generation project.

It became mandatory for local governments in the Philippines to prepare a contingency plan against disasters. We praised the progress and recommended that Cebu, which is located in the center of the country, should accommodate national training and a response center against disasters. As for PPP project planning, local governments receive many USP (Un Solicited Proposals) but officers have difficulties on how to evaluate the proposals without proper standards and the methods to make comparisons. We mentioned that we plan to conduct training on VFM (Value for Money) for the local government officials in Indonesia and this kind of training could help the officers evaluate received USPs. The officers in Cebu Province showed an interest thus we agreed to coordinate together to conduct VFM training in Cebu in the future as well.

In Mandaue City, we had a meeting with the Planning & City Development Department. This was the first follow up visit since we conducted RDAP/PPP applicability study in 2012. Thus most of the staff, including the City Mayor had been replaced. After introducing ourselves, Mandaue City explained that they have been conducting 11 proposals (on the issues of transportation, garbage, drainage and the proposals for tourism and increasing tax revenue) out of 17, which were proposed in the RDAP report in 2012. We were happy to hear their progress and agreed to continue our communication to share information including training opportunities in the future.



セブ州では、州知事他、セブ州事務所の職員5名ほどと面会を行い、現在セブ州が進めている事業や課題などについて意見交換を行いました。交通に関しては、空港とセブ州を繋ぐ3番目の橋が2018年6月から2年間の予定で工事中で、4番目の橋は日本のODAで現在計画中であること、1番目の橋は片道1車線しかないため、今後2車線への拡張工事を計画したい意向であることなどを確認しました。MRTについては、JICAのロードマップに従ってNEDAからの承認が出たとのことでした。ゴミ問題に関しては、セブ市から40kmほど離れた地点にPPP事業としてごみの埋め立て地の建設が決まったと聞きました。100万人以上の人口がいれば、ごみからの発電を考えるべきとの東洋大学の提案に対しては、まずSolid Waste Managementを行い、将来的には発電も視野に入れているとの返答がありました。災害対策では、各自治体でContingency Planが用意されるようになったとの話があり、東洋大学からは国レベルでの災害対策の研修センターが立地的に国の中心であるセブ州に誘致できると良いとの提案を行いました。PPP事業の立案に関しては、フィリピンでは民間提案型のプロポーザルが多く政府に持ち込まれるようになったとのことでしたが、提案を判断するための基準や比較に苦労しているとの話がありました。東洋大学では、インドネシアでの研究の一環として政府機関と協力してVFMValue fo Money)研修を企画していると説明したところ、セブ州でも是非研修を行ってほしいとの要請がありました。このため、来年度何らかの研修を行えるよう調整していくことになりました。